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Our church relies upon the investments of people to fund the work of the ministry. We believe this is the Biblical example.

In addition to our regular offerings, we offer online investing as another option through which our members may give their tithe’s and offerings. 


Why do we offer online investing? 
Online investing is a currently accepted method of doing business and offers specific advantages: It is convenient; recurring (automatic) transactions can be set up; and payments & registration for events like youth and children’s camp can be accepted. 

If I am going to be out of town can I set up a contribution in advance?
Yes, you may specify when the contribution is made. Also, you may establish a recurring payment that will automatically be made on a schedule you choose.

Is online investing safe? 
Our provider, ServiceU, is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards as a Level 1 Service Provider. Visa, MasterCard, and the other major credit cards have jointly developed these strict security regulations to make sure that credit card information is safe when you use your credit card in a store and online. This is the gold standard in online security. 

Will online investing replace giving in church or Sunday School? 
Absolutely not!  You are free to give your tithes and offerings in any way you prefer. 

Can I invest in designated accounts (such as Acts 1:8) online? 
Yes, you can give to our active designated accounts online just as you can with a paper check. You may also “split” your contribution, giving a portion to the general fund and a portion to a designated account.

Are we encouraging people getting into debt by using a credit card for investing in the church? 
We do not encourage debt. If you are going to invest online please consider the ACH option. This electronic check has the lowest cost to the church and comes directly from your checking account.

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